The Elsapocalypse has hit party princesses harder than most.


It Is Their Way

Kids with fingers up their noses.

I could blame today’s fever/cold/massive ear infection on any number of factors, but I choose to believe it started on Monday with little Scarlet, who wouldn’t stop picking her nose and then trying to hug the princess at her birthday party.

You just can’t stop little kids from putting their fingers up their noses and then touching stuff.  It is their way.

So instead of being Elsa for a party, today is a “get a replacement princess, stay in bed with a hot compress on your ear and watch Lord of the Rings” kinda day.


Fish Puppet Mailbag # 1: Fantastic is the New How Wonderful!

Fish Puppet reads some letters sent into this blog and my Facebook page, while using the word “fantastic” to an excessive degree.  Also features an excerpt of his (fantastic!) interview with voice actor Michael Sinterniklaas. 

Send your questions, comments, suggestions or punchlines to this blog via a note, or leave a comment on this post, so Fish Puppet can answer them in an upcoming video!  You can also connect with me (and FP) on Facebook


CHOP Radiothon Today and Tomorrow!

Visited the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania today for the WOGL 98.1 radiothon! I met SO MANY AMAZING KIDS today! I was having so much fun that I didn’t want to leave!


Please tune in to 98.1 WOGL FM or listen and donate online at !  They are taking pledges today AND tomorrow!


CHOP time!

I’ll be visiting the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania tomorrow…I always love going to CHOP!

After that, Fish Puppet will be doing a mail bag video, so if you have a question, comment or suggestion for me or him, send it in! <3


Q:Thanks for your tips yesterday! Interview/audition went great and I was asked to come back later today to play Anna for a party which I was SUPER STOKED about! The girl playing Elsa helped me out a lot during it but thanks to your blog it was really easy for me to stay in my "princess" character and entertain the kids. I was on cloud 9 the whole time it was SO FUN! Just wanted to say thanks so much! <3

AWESOME!  Welcome to the sparkle biz! I’m so excited for you!!



The Princess Wall

Sorry that this is only one half of the promised double post, but I’ve been sick and I’m kinda all woozy from some drowsy-making medications XD  However, I hope you will enjoy this video of all my princess party photos, souvenirs, memories and other things!

In the meantime, I think that September shall be Fish Puppet Mailbag Month. If you have a question for me or the ever-baffling Fish Puppet, or if you’d just like to write in to this blog with your thoughts, comments, ideas, recipes, criminal records, etc, then please drop me a note through Tumblr or leave a message here, and Fish Puppet will be doing videos all throughout September, answering questions in his vivacious manner!

If you’re not familiar with Fish Puppet, here is his Youtube Channel!  In addition to posting his own odd brand of interviews, Fish Puppet also kindly hosts the videos for this blog on his channel.


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